Joint-stock company "Murmansk geological prospecting expedition" was founded in 1951.

This is a modern enterprise rich of the best Soviet geological school with unlimited development potential nowadays. High labour productivity is due to the rational management structure.

JSC "MGPE" operates at Murmansk, Krasnoyarsk regions, Karelia, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow geological prospecting services markets.

There are highly qualified specialists which have great practical experience at the enterprise. A full range of prospecting, evaluation and exploration services for all types of solid minerals and water are carried out by these specialists from drafting to reports with inventory calculation.

Enterprise personnel policy's aim is to train a young generation of prospecting geologists and prospectors which are fully involved in the current geological exploration activity. JSC "MGPE" organizes practice for many local and visiting students, which brings not only theoretical knowledge, but also field work.

More than 100 mineral deposits reserves have been approved during the 65-year period.